Garden Center Plants and Flowers in Kingston, Ontario

Every spring we have many varieties of seedlings, plants, vegetables, and flowers for your garden available in our garden center. We re-stock the garden center several times per week from ontario greenhouses. We select only the healthiest seedlings that our supplier have to offer.

Some photos of our garden center flowers and plants are below.
You can zoom in on the photos by clicking on them.

Garden Seeds
Garden Seeds

We put these photos here to help you choose plants to purchase if you wish to browse from home.

Customers are buying these constantly throughout the day, so certain varieties may be sold out by the time you order.

If you see something you like - just ask! This is our second year during the pandemic trying to help people buy their plants online.

We re-stock our garden center a few times a week from the greenhouses.

You can send us your list of desired garden center plants just like ordering groceries here on our website!
We will deliver your plants along with anything else we carry in our store!
Click here to visit our Grocery Delivery page and send in your order!